Revive Your Sex Drive: Free Taoist Sexual Energy Techniques eBook

Revive Your Sex Drive Free eBookSexual energy is often overlooked in much of the dating and seduction material out there, yet it’s the cornerstone of enjoying a satisfying life with women and with your self.

No amount of good pickup lines or mastering body language will make up for a lack of sexually charged confidence.

Why do some guys just seem to ooze this sexual energy while others seem like sexually-neutral nice guys?

Is there a precise, step-by-step method of harnessing this sexual energy and confidence?

I believe there is a way, a way that does not require medication, constant mental rehearsal, or any other complicated or expensive method.

I just put the finishing touches on the Revive Your Sex Drive eBook package which you can download right now on Amazon Kindle by clicking here. (YOU CAN STILL READ IT IF YOU DON’T HAVE KINDLE, just download the Kindle app for your phone or tablet).

Once you get the book, enter your name and email below to get a free video demonstrating the exercise: This eBook covers the most powerful ideas and techniques that I’ve learned from studying Chinese Taoism, Spirituality, and the Dating & Seduction community.  These include:

  • Why Porn Drains Your Energy and Confidence and Increases Approach Anxiety
  • How to Let Go of the Addiction to Porn Easily
  • A Daily Exercise to Strengthen Your Prostrate, Increase Your Sex Drive, and Improve Your Confidence
  • Why Computers Literally Drain Your Energy and How to Counter Their Negative Effects
  • A Simple Daily Meditation To Open the Energy in Your Heart (Audio Included)
  • Nutrition for Enhanced Sexual Energy and Vitality

This Guide to Increased Sexual Energy, Confidence, and Power is intended to be used by men looking to increase their inherent masculine energy.

How do we do this?

In the book I discuss areas where most guys leak sexual energy, such as with the widespread addiction to porn, and ways to maintain and increase it.

Then I discuss the Chinese Taoists model of energy along with the common spiritual model of energy and chakras and how they relate to sexual energy.

Then I cover the exact step-by-step daily exercise to rejuvenate a man’s sexual energy, endurance, and overall health.

Lastly, I discuss yang nutrition and a couple powerful ways to develop your emotional strength.

To give you a better idea of what exactly is in this book, take a look at the table of contents:


  • Sexual Energy, Confidence, and My Story
  • Yin and Yang Balances

Chapter 1 – Keeping Your Sexual Energy

  • Porn: The Real Energy Drainer
  • Leaking Sexual Energy
  • The Emotional Connection within Sex
  • Letting Go of the Addiction to Porn
  • Self-Acceptance Tuning Fork Meditation
  • Consciously Participating in the Addiction to Porn
  • Developing a Sexual Relationship with Yourself
  • Energizing Your Life and Overcoming Inactivity
  • Take a Walk
  • Stretching
  • Exercises to Increase Your Life Energy
  • Computers Drain Your Energy and Happiness
  • Balancing Your Environment with Negative Ions
  • Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Body
  • Meditation Exercise

Chapter 2 – Understanding Energy: Glands and Chakras

  • Taoist Model of Energy
  • The Seven Glands
  • Spiritual Model of Energy
  • The Seven Chakras
  • Understanding Energy and Chakras
  • Taoist Sexual Wisdom
  • Your Body’s Self-Healing Ability
  • Conserving the Energy of Ejaculation
  • The Energy Transfer of Sex

Chapter 3 – Strengthen Your Prostate and Rejuvenate Your Sexual Energy.

  • An Ancient Taoist Secret: The Deer Exercise
  • How to Perform the Deer Exercise
  • Curing Impotence with The Deer Exercise

Chapter 4 – Nutrition, Emotional Strength, and the Yang Town Mission.

  • Nutrition for Yang Sexual Energy
  • Mung Beans and Rice Soup
  • Yogi Tea Golden Energy
  • Overcoming Emotional Fears and Blocks
  • How you can help the Yang Town Mission

The Revive Your Sex Drive eBook package contains both the eBook and a Heart Chakra Tuning Fork audio mp3 track.

So check it out and then post your comments, questions or experiences below.

Remember, download the book on Amazon for viewing on ANY smart phone or tablet using the Kindle App then enter your name and email below to get a free video demonstrating the exercise:

Thanks and enjoy.

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  1. Jim

    I hope this works!!

    Posted December 25, 2010 at 10:36 pm | Permalink
  2. Ryan

    By the way, I just transferred this ebook from my old blog onto this website, so there aren’t as many comments from readers at the moment. The ebook has been downloaded over 20,000 times with lots of great feedback, so here are some comments that I’ve received from guys who have read it:

    “Ryan, you have put together a remarkable catalog of instruction and selfless study. We as men and women are going to have better lives because of this, Thanks my friend.”

    “You’ve been a huge help ryan. I’m getting my life back because for the information you provided. thank you and thank you universe for bringing Yang town to my attention.”

    “While I was searching for answers, I could not believe how the universe brought me to your site. I was very happy to see that I was not the only man who felt or experienced things that were missing in my life. I really appreciate the time you’ve taken to put together this amazing yet resourceful site. There’s definitely lots of information on your site to help every man out there. After downloading your E-book on “revive your sex drive” I’ve been putting into practice the Deer Exercise and Anal Contractions on a daily basis. I have found a major difference in controlling my ejaculation but have to admit I haven’t perfected it yet. Either way it feels great doing them especially since I’m porn free over 1 year now and without any desire for masturbation either. Your e-book confirmed exactly what I had figured out a year ago that “coming” is just a wasted energy and makes you lethargic.
    Keep up the great work Ryan!”

    “I really enjoy your site and appreciate your effort making the world a better place. I always enjoy reading your articles. You help the world to understand that those “conscious” relationships are the future of relationships.”

    “Thanks for reminder and a lot of thanks for your fantastic ebook. I’ve read it in one breath, and it certainly affected me in a very positive way.”

    “Thank you Ryan for the book and the follow-up. I really appreciate it. Also the recipe in the book, mung bean soup was great. As a chef I will tell you that, that will be a valued staple in my home. Keep up the good work, stay in touch and all the best.. you deserve it !!”

    “You are to be commended sir. Your web site is simply excellent. I’m grateful that I came in contact with you.”

    “Thanks so much for being such a good guy and giving to the world. It’s people like you that really make a difference. The Deer Exercise is one of those gems that I’ve been looking for, for some time now. If there is anything I can do from New Zealand, feel free to ask.”

    “May I just say, as a woman, its very refreshing to hear a man have such great thoughts! Keep up the great work!!”

    “I recently read how to revive your sex life and have been doing the exercises for a little over a month and I can’t believe it’s actually working.thanks alot for that,you can’t put a price on something like that.”

    “Hi (and I’m a woman)~ I just came across your site because I was looking for the”zip up” technique. Your site is fantastic! I read a few of your articles and they were very helpful. It’s great that you have done this. I believe you are like a beacon of light for a lot of people~ I’ve already passed it on to a few of my male friends and some women too! I call all of the types of techniques that you mention “Jedi tricks” and the whole genre “Jedi Training.” Thank you for following your calling… it has already impacted my spiritual journey in a very positive way.
    You are a Jedi for sure~”

    “I have really been enlightened since being involved with Yang Town and also looking into Taoist teachings of Health and Sexuality. I agree with the fact that we are taught through religious instruction teachings that are extremely harmful to our sexuality, and I this has caused many of us to be bound in an uneducated and unfulfilled sex life with our partners. We are so mentally disabled about sexuality that we turn away from even talking about it, so it is no wonder that we kind of hide it under the covers and keep it in the dark.
    It really is time to turn on the lights about SEX, and freely discuss in a helpful way the problems and blockages we are experiencing, because knowledge of SEX is really helpful
    I made love to my wife yesterday and not only did I not cum right away, I didn’t cum at all, and continued to make love till she had been fulfilled. I felt sexually empowered and still able to continue if that would have been necessary.
    Thanks Ryan and others for your commitment to MEN and giving us the tools we need for a fulfilled and ‘multi orgasmic’ sex life.
    Cheers mate”

    “hey, thanks for your posting. its really helped me alot after just one session. eft has got rid of alot of my depression but still was some that hadnt gone and yesterday i was in a bad way but your technique saved me and i feel a signicant improvant today… i am very grateful to you for putting your video up thanks”

    “I want to thank you so very much for taking the time to make these videos, you have given me such peace & a wonderful self healing tool. Bright blessings to you.”

    “Dear Ryan,
    I really appreciate you sharing this information.
    As mentioned previously, I cannot begin to describe how I’m a happier man since I’ve come across your website especially since I never new anything about TAO SEXUAL HEALING. Thanks to you I started doing some research of my own and wanted to share it with you.
    I have been doing the DEER EXERCISE everyday morning and night and sometimes even during the day when I have some free time. The feeling is amazing, I have been able to control my ejaculation when I’m having sex however sometimes it got so intense I started to lose control so I was a bit disappointed in the end.
    My wife noticed that I’m more in control and going longer and longer. I’m connected in a positive way that I cannot even begin to describe except that I have a different kind of energy and people have noticed it too.
    Take care,”

    “Hello Ryan, I was doing some of these techniques from your site already this week which was very good for me thanks dude. I read cultivating male sexual energy about 5 months ago, and had no idea about taoist theory or energy cultivating prior, so i have learned alot in a short time, Im sure its a lifelong connection for me though. Its been a real transforming 5-6 months. Thanks for you help with that beautiful website you put together, im there almost everyday.”

    “Thanks Ryan
    I appreciate all your work and the research you’ve done for this project. I’ve read through your e-book already and found some very helpful information and practices.
    Thank you for sharing this so freely with other men.
    Blessings on your journey.”

    “Thank you very much for you Revive Your Sex Drive eBook. I find it very helpful with ton of information. It been a long time that I have not been practicing chi kong. By practicing the deer exercise it enable me
    to re-build my chi again.”

    Posted March 2, 2011 at 2:18 pm | Permalink
  3. jason

    I want a download of reviving sex drive

    Posted September 21, 2011 at 5:20 am | Permalink
  4. Mark

    I have developed a habit of watching porn. I dont know why. It just sneaked up on me. How can i stop?

    Posted January 5, 2012 at 6:52 am | Permalink
  5. @Mark:
    yeah it happens to most of us. The best way to do it is to follow the techniques and guidelines in the ebook. I go in-depth about how and why we get hooked and several ways to stop. Also, at the end you’ll get a link to my sexual mind mastery program that shows you powerful techniques to releasing porn and developing sexual magnetism and improving sexual ability.

    Posted January 6, 2012 at 8:31 pm | Permalink
  6. Ruslan

    Hello Ryan,
    Thank you for your book anyway.The book is very simple to read.It carries the simple idea that we do live in aggressive enviroment. We are surrounded by erotic imagery and that eats up a tremendous amount of sexual energy, not to mention porn which is toxic to a nervous system,ordinary movies with stupid plots and etc.
    The book is great for beginners.Without accumulating and transforming sexual energy the average person is destined to live a life in default mode- a life of mediocrity.
    I have been practising taoist exercises for 14 years now. I would recommend the works of Waysun Liao, Mantak Chia,Gary Clyman.

    Posted September 25, 2013 at 12:35 am | Permalink

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