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How to Get Your Erection Strength Back Again After Being Betrayed

In this training, you will learn how to recover your sexual power and regain your ability to get strong erections following a betrayal.

Make sure you have about 20-30 minutes of uninterrupted time to do this exercise because it is extremely powerful.

Read below:


Yup, the morning erection thing is an issue (not having a morning erection). I can remember the specific week my sex power kind of “went away”. It was the week I felt so betrayed because the woman I was with confessed she liked my best friend.

That week I lost my sexual interest, my erections are weak, I get no morning erection and my interest for women is reduced. Any help in “waking up” again will be welcome!!!


My Response:

I’ll now share the most powerful tool I have for rapidly breaking down mental blocks, emotional trauma, and physical pain (and thereby help you regain your erection strength after a betrayal).

When it comes to regaining our erection strength enough so that we can “get it up” during sex, we have to go directly to the source of the block and remove it.

After doing my own research on this topic for quite a while, through online sources, forums, medical websites, etc, I’ve come to the conclusion that no knows what’s going on relating to erections problems or “impotence”.

Some doctors say “it’s all in your head, it’s all psychological”, whereas others say “no it’s physical, it can be corrected with drugs.”.

I’ve discovered that, yes, there are psychological components and, yes, there are also physical components since the body expresses whatever’s held in mind.

Yet for all the theories out there, most solutions don’t help a guy to get back his sexual power; that pure erection strength, that vigor for life.

Sure, fancy drugs may temporarily bring more blood to our penis so we can achieve an erection for a couple hours, yet what about the psychological power behind a natural erection?

If we use a pill to get hard, our power exists outside of us, and a part of our pysche knows this and we subtly feel vulnerable and ashamed.

The problem has gone on for so long since most people don’t look between the head and the genitals…at the heart.

It makes sense, if we’re in a sexual relationship that with a woman we love and then we break up (or she betrays us) then our heart shuts down.

When our heart shuts down, in an effort to protect us from getting hurt again, a part of our psyche also shuts down our sexual energy and drive.

The end result:  We lose our ability to get an erection strong enough for sex.

Until we heal our heart (resolve the negative feelings and integrate the trauma that occurred with our ex), then it’s practically impossible to get our authentic erection strength back since part of us will be unconsciously sabotaging our efforts.

We can take ton of male sexual performance supplements, do all kinds of mental affirmations and sexual-energy-boosting physical exercise yet it’ll be like dragging a stubborn donkey that’s digging it’s heels in the ground and resisting our every movement.

We must recapture the part of our psyche that disassociates from having sex by healing the feelings of deep loss and betrayal towards our ex.

There is a technique that helps you align all parts of your psyche, to align all the different drives in our brain to work together as a team inside of fighting each other.

It heals the grief in our heart so we no longer unconsciously resist sexual relationships, but instead, feel driven to engage in sex with a fun and confident attitude.

To learn this technique to align the unconscious drives within our pysche for better erection strength, check out Sexual Mind Mastery: How to Condition Your Mind to Attract Women, Initiate Sex, & Perform in the Bedroom with Maximum Confidence, Power, & Stamina

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