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How to Strengthen Your Prostate and Regulate How Often You Ejaculate

In this training, you will learn why some guys develop prostate problems from masturbating too much while other develop problems from not masturbating enough.  I also share a simple Taoist “rule of thumb” that will tell you how often you should ejaculate so that you can stay sexual balanced.

You’ll also learn a simple technique strengthen your prostate so that you can maintain your sexual center and not be driven to ejaculate too frequently by outside influences.

Read below:


I have heard that if someone doesn’t ejaculate he may develop cancer, in fact if you don’t ejaculate for months you feel uncomfortable things in your organs.

You recommend no masturbation i understand? if you don’t go to porn and all or if you become multi-orgasmic and stop needing ejaculation for orgasm, what exercise would be recommended for not getting cancer or feeling bad? (i have heard prostate massage, i would feel uncomfortable with that).

In case i got it wrong and you actually recommend masturbation and ejaculation with it, then how often shall i ejaculate?


My Response:

As far as masturbation goes, I don’t see it as a choice in the sense that should we do it or should we not do it (since then we start to judge ourselves).

Masturbation is more of a spontaneous expression of our beliefs and emotions.

Trying to control whether we masturbate or ejaculate isn’t the best way to go.  It’s more useful to go to the higher levels; deal with the emotions, deal with the beliefs, and deal with the mental stuff since those create the momentum for sexual desire.

“Masturbation is an essential part of being a sexual person.  Nurturing oneself, exploring sexual needs and fantasies, and establishing a basic self-knowledge are vital contributions that masturbation makes to sexual identity.  As sexual therapists are keenly aware, without these factors it is more difficult to have a vital sexual relationship.  In fact, for people who suffer from sexual dysfunction, therapy often involves a careful rebuilding of a patient’s attitudes and beliefs around masturbation.

For the addict, however, masturbation becomes a degrading event.  Masturbating four to five times a day for years on end becomes a secret life.  It is the central part of every day.  At the least feeling of frustration or loneliness, the addict struggles to find a private place to masturbate.  Unlocking the office door, walking out of the bathroom, or driving in the car, the addict is certain that no one else is as obsessed as he is.

Part of that certainty comes from the collection of judgments and beliefs he holds to be true about masturbation.  Messages from parents, family, and church have left no doubt that it is a character flaw.  As a result, the addict may carry some equation in his or her head: masturbation equals failure.  Masturbation equals a loss of manhood.”
Patrick Carnes, Ph.D. – Out of the Shadows: Understanding Sexual Addiction

Why do so many of us guys masturbate to porn excessively?

Certain beliefs and attitudes about sex and our body can compulsively drive us to masturbate to porn (many of these are passed down from one generation to the next through religion, family, and school).

For example, if we believe we’re unlovable and unworthy of love and sexual pleasure, if we believe no beautiful women would ever want us and have sex with us, or if we believe that sex is dirty or evil, then we’ll unconsciously cancel out all these different options in our life.

Masturbating to porn is the only option left for us to safely have a sexual experience.

“The addiction system starts with a belief system containing faulty assumptions, myths, and values which support impaired thinking.  The resulting delusional thought processes insulate the addiction cycle from reality.

The four-phase addiction cycle (preoccupation, ritualization, sexual compulsiveness, and despair) can repeat itself unhindered and take over the addict’s life.  The negative consequences from the unmanageability confirm the faulty beliefs which hold that the addict is a bad person who is unlovable.”
Patrick Carnes, Ph. D. – Out of the Shadows: Understanding Sexual Addiction

Many of us have psychologically narrowed our world in such a way, that porn’s all we have left.

It’s our last retreat, our last hope for getting sexual pleasure.

The question is not “should I masturbate or not?”…

It’s figuring out “what kind of sex life do I want?” and “how do I become the man that lives that?” then doing the things necessary to get there.

If we want more sexual power with women, if we want to experience sexual enjoyment (either alone or with a woman) without all the inhibitions and conflicting thoughts, then we’ve got to condition our mind to enjoy sex.

We’ve got to practice the exercises that build our capacity for sexual energy and then transmute that sexual energy until it becomes a driving force for the life we want to create.

As we practice this type of Sexual Mind Mastery, we’re naturally drawn towards different sexual activities.

On the other hand, if we’re breaking out the porn with our pants down and our hand on our dick then it’s too late; the wave of momentum has surged and it’s actually not a good idea to stop at that point.  The game’s already over.

Imagine you’re driving a car a 100-mph and you wanted to stop immediately so you pressed the brakes but kept your foot on the gas at the same time.

What would happen?

You’d tear up your engine and ruin your car.  That’s what happens when we repress our sexual desires in an unhealthy way.

If we’ve watched porn for a few minutes or seen something that sexually stimulates us, (such as a banner ad or a sexy TV show), our sexual craving’s set in motion.

Our mind engages an entire mental program which ramps up our sexual energy and we unconsciously become driven to masturbate.

At that point we shouldn’t stop.

Repressing our sexual urges puts pressure on the prostate, leading it to swell up and weaken.

On the other hand, unconsciously masturbating several times a day while watching hyper-stimulating porn drains our energy leading to depression, exhaustion, and likely prostate problems as well.

Neither extreme helps us.

In fact, we don’t want to work on the level of action.

We must go inside and change our beliefs and change our emotions in order to create new behaviors, new actions, and new practices that support the sex life we ultimately want.

We must transmute the sexual energy while it’s a belief or an emotion, so by the time it becomes a sexual urge, it expresses itself in a healthy and empowering way.

If you stop masturbating and ejaculating for a period of time you’ll build up sexual energy.

At that point you’ve got to learn to transmute it, and like any physical skill, that takes practice.

I’ve had times when I didn’t release for several months at a time and, while I did regain my energy, it got to a point where I could no longer transmute it and transform it.

I started getting frustrated and angry and irritable so that signaled to me it was time to release (though sometimes we need anger to stand up for ourselves and change our life).

I’ve kept practicing and now it’s much easier to regulate my sexual desire.  At one point I went 6 months without any ejaculation, simply because I didn’t feel the need to do it.

During this time I didn’t need to control myself or suppress anything, it’s just what felt natural to me at the time (I didn’t feel the need to masturbate or have sex so it was quite easy).

I haven’t had any pain, I haven’t had any frustration or anger, it’s actually very empowering and I could feel my physical energy and vitality building.

“Chastity in a human being can function like a transformer, changing unused sexual energy into intellectual or social energy.”
Mantak Chia – Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy

It’s as if I created a momentum that continually makes me stronger.  I channel this momentum into sports like baseball, yoga, and qi gong, and my physical fitness and performance is rapidly improving…it’s incredible.

If I didn’t have the tools to transmute the sexual urges (by reconditioning my mind, clearing emotions, and practicing the exercises), then avoiding ejaculation for that long of a time might not be the best idea.

It just depends on where you’re at in your practice.

I don’t expose myself to super-stimulating material; I don’t watch movies that have tons of porn or go to websites that throw crazy banner ads in my face.

Controlling ejaculation starts with limiting your exposure to outside content and programming because your mind is very sensitive.

If we allow ourselves to be bombarded with provocative advertisements throughout the day, by the time night comes around and we start to relax, our mind will have created momentum from all those sexually explicit ads.

Our natural impulse will be to release all the pressure built-up from that exposure.

To truly master our sex drive, we must monitor what we expose ourselves to.

As we limit our exposure to false sexual-stimulation, we keep more sexual energy inside us allowing us to channel it to work, sports, creativity, etc, instead of feeling the need to constantly release it through masturbation.

If we don’t manage our sexual energy, then the outside world will “milk it” out of us and use it for it’s own selfish ends.

As we take control of our sexual energy and manage it consciously, we won’t need to repress ourself or “discipline” ourself into avoiding porn because we’ll be naturally driven to do what’s best for us.

We don’t want to get too fixed or rigid in our habits or attitudes.

We’ve just got to be tuned-in with our body, and if we feel pressure building up or pain then it’s fine to release by ejaculating, that’s perfectly fine.

There are times when I go months without ejaculating and then I may release several times in a single week…it’s best to not be too critical, judgmental, or harsh on yourself as you develop your sexual ability.

“Do not feel guilty or angry when you spill your seed; it may take years to fully master the Tao of love.  The key is to relax, enjoy yourself and keep practicing.”
Mantak Chia – Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy

It’s all about the inner psychological work combined with consistent physical practice.

As far as how often to ejaculate; that all depends on your level of progress, your current sexual health, and how you’ve learned to manage your sexual energy.

To learn a formula for how often you should ejaculate as well as a simple 5 minute prostate-strengthening exercise to boost sex drive and stamina, check out Sexual Mind Mastery: How to Condition Your Mind to Attract Women, Initiate Sex, & Perform in the Bedroom with Maximum Confidence, Power, & Stamina

How Often to Ejaculate: A Rule of Thumb from the Taoists

The Taoist came up with a simple rule of thumb, for ejaculation frequency, to ensure you maintain a stable level of sexual energy.

The Formula: Age ÷ 5 = # of days between each ejaculation

If you’re 25, divide that by 5 and you get 5 days; so keep 5 days between each ejaculation.

If you’re 35, divide that by 5 and get 7 days; so once every 7 days you can ejaculate and keep your energy for the most part balanced.

That’s just a rule of thumb to get you started as you learn this stuff. The more advanced Taoist exercises teach you to fully circulate your sexual energy so you no longer need to ejaculate at all.

The Deer Exercise: How to Strengthen Your Prostate & Gain Control Over Ejaculation

The Deer Exercise draws your sexual energy up, starts the transmutation process, and to strengthens your prostate (so your energy doesn’t leak out from seeing something sexually-stimulating and then running to ejaculate right away).

The exercise can be done standing, sitting, or laying down.

Step 1: Rub your hands until they get warm.

Step 2: Place one hand on your testicle and the other hand on your abdomen and rub in a circle 81 times (or any multiple of 9; such as 36 or 45).

Step 3: Rub Your Hands again.

Step 4: Swap hands and repeat another 81 circular rubs in the opposite direction.

Step 5: Do an anal contraction (similar to a PC exercise) by squeezing your anus inward as if you were sucking in all the air up your spine. Hold for as long as is comfortable; 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 10 seconds, whatever. Repeat several times. You can also do lots of quick short rounds hold-release, hold-release.

You can also squeeze-in your perineum in the same way (the area midway between your anus and scrotum).
Squeeze-in then release, squeeze-in then release…do this 30 50 or even 100 times quickly to stimulate and strengthen your prostate.

A stronger prostate means you have more control over ejaculation, longer lasting erections, and it reduces your sensitivity to incoming stimulation (so you won’t be subject to sexual manipulation by others).

This way you avoid the sexual pressure “build-up and release” cycle, and instead, you start to direct your sexual energy up the spine to the higher parts of your body to be transformed into health, vitality, creativity and a better enjoyment of life.

Keep practicing.

In no time you’ll transform your self-pleasuring routine into a way that’s more sustainable for maximum sexual performance.

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